Yupp. Another sleep post.
At 4:41 am. I’ve been up with Lilly since 3. She Won’t sleep.
I kept her up more yesterday and everything too.

I’m currently crying (almost, kinda.) because my child does not sleep.
EVER. (insert whatever words you please here.)
I know she’s not teething, because she isn’t awake in pain, she’s awake to play. Yelling “baba” from her crib and attempting to pull herself up (which she fails at.)

I’m against letting her cry it put, but my God I can’t take it anymore!
She won’t eat much during the day because she’s apparently “too busy” and tries to make up for it at night. Resulting in me doing everything I can to not feed her so she will fall back asleep. (which only works 50% of the time mind you.)


A mama who is losing it.


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