8 months post!

Mommy painted you something baby girl,
Here’s a video I made for her 8 month post!
Still trying out the new software, it’s not great, but it makes me cry.

And here is a video of her mad blocking skills.

Hi my baby!
I guess in all of the midst of not getting any sleep, ever, I forgot to write your 8 month post!
So here it is! Only a couple of days late, so that’s doing pretty good I’d say.

Here’s the rundown:
Still only two bottom chompers, but I really do think you’re trying to get more. Where from? I have no clue. I can’t really tell on top if you are teething as good as I could on the bottom. Hopefully this no sleeping things contributes to you getting more teeth. (Actually, it better.)

My gosh child you are the pickiest, weirdest eater I’ve ever met. (as a baby) You used to eat vegetables and anything baby food I’d throw at you, and now, you will barely eat anything. You love your puffs/yogurt melts and really anything that you can pick up yourself.
Spoon feeding? Hell no. You push it away, smack it away and make mommy frustrated, so the only time I’ve realized that I can get a bite of food in your mouth is if you are completely distracted. (Watching tv, playing with toys/the cats.) This results in NOT OUR HIGHCHAIR. That apparently is only for you to feed yourself. Mommy can’t feed you in it. :/ You are so diffictul my child.
As for bottles, I still pretty much have to force feed you because you’re too “busy” to eat. You have somehow put together that a bottle means bedtime? But I followed the EASY program from my baby whisperer book which is Eat. Activity. Sleep. You. and you rarely fall asleep with a bottle (except for nighttime when I rock you.) and I just don’t understand.
You eat a lot of my food. I can stick my finger in your mouth with anything on it and you love it. Just not a spoon or a bottle I guess. You my child, drive me nuts but I love you so much!
Dinner time! (also check out her fuzzy hair!)

Still terrible. That’s all. 🙂
Unhappy Dovie.

Things you’re doing!:
Still not crawling, but I’ve given up that you are going to. I don’t push you anymore. You’ll do it at your own pace, if not, then oh well. You’re content to sit and reach, and reach and lean and lean for things, but never crawl. And honestly, you are flexible as hell, so why should you crawl when you don’t have to?
You give kisses to everyone now, (me the most) and your baby doll. YOU LOVE BABY DOLLS. I gave you an old water baby that was mine or my sisters, (she’s deflated because she has a hole in her.) and we just pay with her in the bathtub, but my God you love her. You kiss her for 30 minutes straight in the tub without moving. It’s ridiculous.
You share, you give others (mostly your cat brothers) your food and cookies. It’s adorable and I love it.
You pet the cats and are Link’s best friend. It’s the cutest thing ever.
You’ve discovered how to follow me in your walker throughout the house. You figured out cabinets and that they open and shut, and that you can put things in the toilet. :/
You clap when I say “yay” and say “ba-ba” which I take it as bottle?
You only say “mamamaaaaa” when you’re crying, and you say “da-da” when you’re playing.
You love other babies and mimic things we do and they do.
You’re favorite thing is to blow bubbles and us do the same.
Back & forth. Back & forth. Over and over and over and over again. It never gets old.
You love to knock the blocks down when I build them up high. (you cried a couple of times the first time it happend, haha.)
You pull up on me and try to pull up on your toys but end up toppling over.
Cat kisses!
Be still my heart.



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