I hate them. Everyone else’s hubby’s are coming home from work when mine has just left. I eat alone. Bathe the baby alone. Watch our shows alone.
Very depressing.
I also don’t feel very well tonight either, so I’m like super feeling sorry for myself.

Here is something hilarious though.
We were eating dinner (she eats best when distracted so dont judge me by letting her watch tv while she eats.) Anyway. I turned on the Backyardagains which she normally doesn’t really care for after her Yo Gabba Gabba fix. (mommy’s head was pouding, DJ Lance Rock was a bit much at the time.) But back to the story, I put on the Backyardagains and come to find out; they terrify her.

Also, here are cute pictures as of late.

(giant monkey kisses)
(nap time)
(Obsessive water baby obsession.)
(cat in the toy box…)

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