Fighting for the string!

And lots of things have been going on lately, that I never really have time to post about them. Dove and I spend our days cleaning the house, running errands, at my parents, or with some friends. We’ve been going to the park as much as we can seeing as how it’s becoming cold. :,( 
I’ve also tried picking up crocheting and i’m telling my terrible knitting to step aside for a bit. Crocheting has completely mind f’d me as in I can’t even do the chain stitch because I’m too focused on my hands. X___X
We call her one sock Lilly that helps with the knitting.
We’ve also been doing our hair. 0_o
Lovely hair! !!!

Found this jem. Be still my heart. ❤❤a year ago yesterday!
Thanksgiving was a hit. Lillian wasn’t fussy (unlike Easter when she was 2 months, OMGAWD.) and over-all, the day was good. Good food, good family. And, well, good food. 
Peeling potatoes! ❤my mama.
Eating leftovers...
Pumpkin ice cream & cheesecake!Sitting on the couch big girl style while those stupid teeth mess with us!
We’re all stuffed on eating leftovers. So yummy.
Dove is a pro at her walker now. Like, she should really go pro. She can follow me anywhere. Follow the cats anywhere. Get herself going at 100mph, and well, we cat chase all day. If you don’t know what cat chasing is, watch this hilarious video:
She helps with laundry, and by that I mean, unfolds everything I’ve folded. She helps with dishes, and by that I mean she tries to climb inside the dishwasher while I’m loading it. 
She’s such a great helper. 
I'm in trouble..
And she’s finally starting to try and crawl! But bear crawl. She rocks back and forth like a good gal should, but she does it on her feet. Haha, my child. She’s so odd. We do “bye bye” which she won’t wave, but she says it. We’re working on blowing kisses right now as well.
Crib trapped.
Christmas music has been playing constantly in our house and car. Yay. 
Merry Christmas!⛄ (my cat is eating my tree!)
I don’t really know what else to yap on about, except for that this stage that Dove is in is very tiring, fun and time consuming. I love it. 
#tweegram notes to myself. Crossing her feet & twirling bunny's ears. Loml!
Ankle bracelets rule..Pretty blues.✨
I spy cat paws..

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