9 months- The rundown.

Typical Friday night.

Hello lovey Dovie,
You, my babe, are not a little babe anymore.
You’re nearing the 20lbs mark, and are 28 inches long! (HUGE)

Dealing with this all day. #wineybabyMaster at destroying crinkle paper!
Yesterday was your big 9 month birthday. We spent it at the doctor. (Another ear infection, another day.)We decided to put you on a stronger antibiotic since the other one didn’t get rid of the last one fully, and well, let’s just hope for not too many shitsplosions.

So, here’s the rundown:

Still two bottom chomps. You might be starting to get your two tops, they’re a bit swollen but I don’t think  you’re fully teething just yet. (Thank God for small favors.)

Prunes and oatmeal this morning.

Roasted marshmallow madness.Prune face extraordinaire.
Carrot 'stache.Cheeto eater. Nom Nom Nom.

Lilly! You still only want your bottle. You like what mama and daddy eat though. Baby food is really a no-go for you unless it’s bananas (which you don’t get much since you have terrible plumbing issues.) You eat your oatmeal like a champ though. (only because I put a dap of maple syrup in it, shhh)
You’re favorite things are still anything you can pick up yourself. Baby cheetos, puffs, turkey, cheese, and bits and pieces of whatever mama and dada are eating. Nom. Nom.
I’ve been reading more of the baby led weaning and i’ve totally decided thats what we’re doing and you’ve been doing all along.

Christmas shopping is such hard work!
Considering you’ve had an ear infection for like, a month kinda, I’m gunna let this month slide. You sleep terrible still. Somedays you’ll take a good nap and somedays it’s cat naps throughout the day. I’ve tried and tried to get your on a schedule and I stick to it (we’re at home most the time anyway) but you’re just a child that refuses and does what you want. So I’ll listen to you I guess. (note: this won’t last into your teen years young lady.) Either way, it’s bath @ 8 and bedtime at 9. But the past 2 or 3 days it’s been almost 11pm when you’ve actually fallen asleep. RIDICULOUS.
But, I love you.  🙂

Things you’re doing:
Bear crawling...
Playing dollhouse by the fire this morning. Poor sick bby.
I think I'll push my walker instead...Standing on the chair watching toons @ the doctor.
Running over anything and everything in your walker. And by that I mean, animals, heels, toes, food, toys, and well, anything else that’s on the floor.
You love the Christmas tree and knock off everything you can. We’ve blocked it off for now. (Sorry) and since we light fires, you’ve become obsessed with the fire pokers and the fireplace alltogther. Not cool. But you know when we say, “no, no” and back away or stop what you’r doing. Hopefully, that’ll last.
You point and everything and anything. I’ve begun to say what you’re pointing or looking at, “Kitty”, “puppy”, and anything else really.
You say, “Mmm baba” when you want a bottle, and you also now say, “mmm bite” when I give you a bite of something. Probably because I say, “You want a baba” and “You want a bite.” I’m deciding that “mmmm means you.” You’ve also started making an odd noise with smacking your lips together, and you do it mostly when you see the kitties. I’m guessing it’s because when I call the cats, I make the smacking noise similar to get their attention. You’re so damn smart.
You still won’t crawl, but do get up on all 4’s and rock back and forth. You’ve tried a couple of times, but face-plant and scream because you’ve got a temper, not because you’re hurt.
You pull up and stand up for anything, and sorta cruise around things, mainly me, but still. It’s progress.
Also, you’re hair never goes down. It sticks straight up in the back just like a tiny little feather. And I LOVE IT.
Her hair won't go down. Ever. I love this profile.
Seriously most boring day ever.Dovie. ✨

I love you and you’re completely adorable.
Cold days.


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