Happy Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

Dovie hates Santa.
There wasn’t even a second where she even thought about judging him. She completely despises him. Poor guy, he was a sweet man. Every time I show her his picture, she still cries. (DRAMA)
Anyway, it’s freaking adorable, huh?

Here are a couple of pictures of recent Christmas activities.
We attempted to make a gingerbread house (well, I made it and it sucked. The icing kept melting and the entire house kept drooping. I hate you, Wal Mart gingerbread house.) Anyway, Lilly kept crawling , YES I SAID IT, CRAWLING. Not really crawling, but bear crawling. She keeps her head near the ground, and uses her feet to push and move around. WEIRD. My child is so weird. But I’m proud, and it’s perfect.  I love my Dove. But anyway, she kept crawling to the house and trying to eat and destroy my crappy little  house. (Or ‘our’ house)

So here’s the photos. I’ll shut up now.
The beginning..

The messy, unfinished finished result of making a gingerbread house w a 9 month old.
Her ornaments are hung! #firstChristmas2011



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