10 month post (a little late! and a photo freaking overload!)

Oh my goodness it's time to lower her mattress! Jumping and waving hi to mama!☺
Drum smoosh face.
10 month crazy hair!
Someone woke up cranky..
Oh little girl. You’re not so little at all. You’re an easy 20 lbs. and a good 29 inches long. (STILL HUGE)
You have learned oh so much within this small month span, it’s been our busiest and biggest yet.
Christmas day was a biggy. Toys out the wazoo, family time to the max and oh how you loved the wrapping paper and flinging ornaments off the tree the most.

Morning tickle sesh.
Always climbing on mama.
Top tooths!
Oh my, you just popped your big right front tooth through this week, and lefty is following right behind. No need to say how adorable your smile is getting with all of these teeth. And not too mention the crooked bottom chompers make that grin a zillion times more adorable.

And we've discovered cheesy puffs..
Eating her favorite thing ever. PEAS.
You love food. You still drink bottles a couple of times a day, but mostly early morning and bedtime.
You’re more about people food. We gave up baby food last month and I’ve just all together stopped with that and anything that involves a spoon. You eat what we eat. I cut it up and put it on your tray and you go to town. I still give you your utensils just so you know they are there but you mostly chew on them or throw it for the cats to lick. -_-
Your current favorites are peas, sliced turkey, French cut green beans, spinach, oranges and Cheetos. Yum. You’re also in love with any rice or pasta. It’s amazing that you can feed yourself and are such a big girl now.

Lilly & Ann.Passed out.
Our morning. Napping while shopping.
This just recently got better. You were doing awful, waking up here and there but it was mostly that nasty ear infection we couldn’t get rid of. We were on 3 different antibiotics and got a rocefen (sp?) shot that finally got rid of that horrid thing. Now you go to bed between 9-10 pm (if you go any earlier, you wake up at the butt crack of dawn, and I just can’t do that.) and you usually wake up to eat around 6 am, and then fall back asleep until 9-10 am. All in all, I love that schedule. And you seem happier and less cranky during the day.
Naps are a thing with you. Somedays you’ll sleep for a good 1-2 hours during your nap but other days its 45 minutes top. It’s just what you’re feeling I guess, either way. I’m fine with it all if you’re happy throughout the day.


My daily life. I have a child crawling on me constantly.
CRAWLING. You real crawl now my Dove! You were doing the bear crawl for a while, and the scoot. And now you just take off like you’ve done it all along. You’ve discovered you can go outside of the living room, and there is a whole world to explore. You find the cats water dishes and splash in them. You pull all of my records off the shelves. You find the littlest piece of crumb on the floor and cram it in your mouth. (even though I vacuum seriously like twice a day.) I’ve also become your personal jungle gym. You climb over me and on me constantly all day. ALL DAY. Whether I’m sitting or standing, you find me or one of my limbs and begin to climb. You’ve become a monkey…
You can pretty much walk. I can hold onto one hand and you just walk with me. You walk around the house hanging onto things (couch, walls, chairs) and you do it so well. You can take steps without us pretty far, but still get a bit scared when you realize you’re alone. I find it oddly strange that you learned to pretty much walk and crawl within the same month. Strange, strange child.
You talk constantly. You can sing “ROW ROW” (you’re boat), “Babe”, call the kitties with your special noise *video included at the bottom* and will repeat anything pretty much (or try to.) You say baba still for bottle, mama, dada, and uh-oh. Your new thing that is so freaking adorable which no one knows where you go it from is “WOW.” Anything new you see, or interesting, you say, “WOW” in a whispering voice that is to die for. You really are surprised when you say it and use it in the right context. You’re a freaking genius. You also have a thing with pointing at what you want or where you want to go, and you wave. You wave hello and goodbye. So adorable, and makes strangers wanna squeeze you i’m sure, cause I do every time you do it. You do something new everyday that surprises us, and it’s amazing that in 2 months you’ll be a year old. I’m almost 100% sure you’ll be walking before then, and probably talking even more. I can’t imagine my life without you. You’re my best friend Dovie, and I love you.
And now here comes super photo overload! ^_^

cow assisted standing.
Currently helping mama w the dishes..
Putting her vegetables in her box.
Morning cuddles and cute toes.
She found mama's mirror.
I love you so much baby girl!


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