The 11 month bird and "the sickness."

It’s been a long, good while since i’ve written in here.
We’ve successfully moved into our new house, and still need to clean out little junk out of our apartment, which i’m not looking forward to. Our move went fast and great, and Lillian slept all night long in her new room all by herself, perfectly almost the first entire week.
Above hubby and I's bed. Old drawings for each other.
My hallway wall.
It's coming together..
On her 11 month birthday, (Feb. 9th) she got sick. High fever, sore throat, and she’s getting 3 teeth in at the same time. AWESOME.
She didn’t sleep, she didn’t eat, she didn’t do anything except whimper in our arms as we rocked and walked around with her. Day and night. Her fever was stubborn and never went down even though I tried  home remedies and the good switching of advil & tyenol.
She’s finally feeling herself today and is eating/drinking a bit more.
(Thank God, that was the scariest part to me.)
Death grip on bunny. #febphotoaday #hands
Mismatching socks. Oops.
Sickly morning Barney watching.

Anyway, here’s the rundown on the bird at 11 months:

Your’e still in the 20lb mark, haven’t gained or lost really anything. It’s probably because you’re constantly moving, and it’s ok. I still love your chub. I don’t want it to go away.

You’ve got two bottoms and two tops officially. You’re starting to get both eye teeth and a third lefty on the bottom (talk about uneven, and painful.) Your grin is freaking adorable.
Messy. And you can see her two top teethies now!

Super bowl chip dipping. Duh.
You cannot consume bananas or applesauce unless I plan on shoving prunes down your throat in order to keep the balance of your tummy and poos.
You eat anything and everything, still. Mostly big people food, and rarely you’ll eat oatmeal and baby food. Only if you feel up to it, and i have to let you do it yourself of we get into a big fight.
These little pouches come in handy like, a lot.
My heart.A movers lunch.

You weren’t good at sleeping when we lived in the apartment, mainly because your crib was in our room and I think the tossing and turning of daddy and I kept you up.
Since living in the new house in your own room (same crib and besides being sick) you sleep undisturbed a good 10-12 hours. It’s a miracle. It’s beautiful. It’s SLEEP. *high five*
Fourth nap of the day. Poor baby.
My best friend.

Things you’re doing:
Morning yoga and a cat tail. Duh.
You crawl faster than I’ve ever seen, especially since we have a long hallway, you’re gone.
You bear crawl and push yourself up to standing and then take a few steps. Amazing and way too fast baby girl.
You repeat almost anything we say, and do it almost perfectly.
You can “tickle” people, blow kisses, talk on pretend phones and say “hello.”
You say bird, pretty (all the time) “WAZ TAT” (whats that!?) and point when doing so.
A sentence you say, mainly when were shopping somewhere and you’re in the cart with your little finger going, “WAZ TAT? PETTY. WAZ TAT? PEEEETTTY!!”
Everything is pretty to you.
I’ve taught you to successfully “Meow” which i find great pride in. And you’ve also discovered how to go up and down steps. (Not a staircase mind you- just one or two little steps.)
Blueberry face and tractor driving.
You, my dear are perfect and I love you very much.
I can’t believe in less than a month i’ll have a toddler. A 1 year old.
I’m dying.
And i’m also trying to work on a video for you. (Here come the tears..)



2 thoughts on “The 11 month bird and "the sickness."

  1. I never saw this post for some reason? anyway, love it.. she is getting to be soooo big! and i can't believe she is talking that much.. hadley still pretty much only says three words.. haha


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