Link: the watch cat.

Nap time. Meow.
Ever since I became pregnant, Link has been around me constantly and took a very big intrest in my growing belly. The days on bedrest, he’d lay right next to me with his paw on my stomach.
After having Lillian, he was a bit skeptic, (she screamed 24/7, remember.) but after a good month he was near her constantly.
If she’d fuss during the night in her basinet, which was right next to our bed, he’d claw at our bedroom door until I got up with her to make a bottle.
Omg. The fattest, baldest Dove reading her morning book w a creeper cat in the background #flashbackfriday
He’s always been in the same room as her (unless he’s napping on our bed of course, guarding a baby is serious and tiring business.) He’d lay under her bouncer while she kicked away. He also would lay on her play mat so she could kick him. Adorable.

I’ve noticed this right away, but since we just moved into our new house and Lilly’s crib isn’t in our bedroom anymore (We had a 2 bedroom apartment, we were too scared to leave her a in a room by herself.) Link lays by her bedroom door. ALL NIGHT. He doesn’t move, make a noise or anything. He lays there. Right in front of her door, waiting for her to wake up.
When she does wake up, I can hear her on the monitor and I lay in bed listening to the goofy things she does or just try to get like, 5 more minutes of sleep, he claws at MY DOOR. Meows constantly until I get up and go open her door and let him in.
She wakes up and points at him making her kitty noise, and has a huge smile on her face.
It’s the cutest and sweetest thing ever. Total genuine affection.

They spend their days laying on each other. Playing, sharing food and chasing each other up and down the hall. So, here’s pictures. Lots of them of the two besties.
Earlybird filter for the early bird this morning.Just some morning cuteness.
Sneak feeding Link Cheetos..Cat cuddling.
Napping pals. Giving kitty kisses!
Bath time w a thirsty cat. Awkward.Morning bottle time for bebe.

Oh yeah, and then there is Obi. He could care less about Lilly, if she comes near him or not. He doesn’t like her sticky hands to touch him, he’s content with just watching the birds all day.
We love him too, but lets face it. He’s a different kind of guard cat. One that keeps the birds in check.
Oh hey. Just some early bird watching.

Morning snuggles ☀


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