Just recently,

I’ve been taking a lot more pictures of Lillian as keepsakes because, well, she turns ONE TOMORROW. ONE.

I can’t help but look at old blog posts, pictures, and cry. Cry, cry, and cry.
What happened to my baby? Everyone tells you the first year goes by too quickly, and it does.
Cherish the snuggly little frog baby on your chest mamas, because soon they will be walking around with their own baby (dolls) and it makes you incredibly sad.

Don’t worry, I won’t blab about her turning one anymore, I’ve got a whole other blog post set up for that.
Yes, get pumped.

(Current favorite thing: HER GIANT BLUE BALL.)
We’ve found a new obsession. And it’s chalk.
All day all the time, we’re outside coloring with chalk (and tasting the different colors of course.)
Admiring her artwork!Artist.

I’ve been trying to get Lilly on a really good, 3 solid meals a day schedule with lots of snacks in between, and I’ve been slowly adding a little cows milk to her bottles every couple of days. Cows milk is really constipating her, so I’m hoping she’ll get used to it fast because, she’s always had troubles with her poos and I struggle with getting all the fiber I can in her diet. And water, lots of water.
Things currently going on in this picture: fuzzy bed head/ / Baby Einstein animal watching/ and morning poo concentration. ☺
(Lots of things going on in this picture: Baby Einstien watching/ Re-introducing blueberries and grapes [still not a fan] / fuzzy bed head/ concentrating on her morning poo.)
[Any other mom get this excited over their baby pooing regularly? I’m a freak I tell ya.]
Take 2.Newest love: while grain bread.
Funniest food making face!Dinner!

I’ve found out since walking, she hates sitting down. In her car seat, high chair, etc.
It’s hard and incredibly frustrating.

Anywho, I’d like tips on how to transition better from formula to cows milk and also on how to get them eating a lot more food during the day instead of a couple of bottles.
Follow me on twitter & facebook for lots of pictures. And by a lot I mean, like, TOO MANY.
I really need to pull out my camera and take actual photos, but frankly I’m too lazy to upload them and edit them when I could just do it on my phone. I’m terrible, I know.



2 thoughts on “Just recently,

  1. wow! ONE! so exciting! and don't feel bad… I totally need to re-establish my relationship with my camera. since getting a phone that takes awesome pics my poor camera has been neglected.


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