Rest in peace, Harley boy.

Handsome boy!

You were the best pup anyone could ask for.

Brandon found you years ago licking a Mcdonalds wrapper out at a skate park.
You were his ever since.

We brought you to our first apartment back in ’08.
You loved it. You got treats galore, and slept in our bed.
We got you costumes and sweaters, and you were my little baby.

We moved to Austin, and you came with us.
We played in the sweet grass, you went to the dog park and growled at every dog that came near you.
(rude) and we took you to creeks.
You refused to get wet, and instead opted to sit.

We had so much fun, and I hope that you had a good life.
When we moved back here and I was on bedrest with Lilly, you couldn’t get on our bed because I couldn’t pick you up. You were pushed to the back burner when she was born, with her colic and everything else with her in the hospital and such. And I will never forever that.
I feel awful.
I should’ve done more for you. And I’m sorry.

You were getting older, using the bathroom on yourself and slept all day.
I’m sorry.
We brought you here to your own backyard. You seemed to love it, but were just growing older and less happy. You slept all day, and were barely eating. I’m sorry.

You were put to rest yesterday, March 13th. We buried you next to your best bud, Boomer.
We love you Harley, and I will never forget you.
Best side-kick ever.

Rest in peace buddy.
Mama & Daddy love you.

(You had to be in picture of Brandon proposing to me!)
Dress up. 

Christmas 2011

Snaggle tooth.

Doing what you did best; Peeing on things.

Furr ball.

New cut.

Walking around in Austin.

Austin fields. 

New shades.

Result of you refusing to go in the creek.

Snuggled up with mama in bed.


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