Planting our flowers.

Yesterday afternoon we decided that right now is a good time to plant flowers in our flowerbed. If you know me, I’ve been waiting to do this since, uh, forever. 
I was born and raised in the house that we moved into in February. I lived there until I was 15 when my family built a house and then rented this one out. Brandon and I rent it from my family now, and are attempting to fix up the yards and everything else. Ever since I was little we had flowers, roses, a garden in the backyard and always fresh cut green grass. And we’re slowly getting it back to that. 
Sweet little house, we love you and I’m back! 
We bought a small amount of flowers just to try them out, see if they’ll grow and last, and if they do, we’ll go get more. So don’t mind the sad, pathetic-ness that is my flowerbed! 
Also, Lillian helped by digging in the dirt, tasting the dirt, and falling face first on the driveway.
These of course are all pictured except her falling. The result of her falling is here though.

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