Let’s talk ears shall we? They’re ugly most the time. You have to clean them and they are one of the few things on your body to never stop growing. (old man ears anyone?) So, how come some people are born with ears that don’t work well. Suchas hearing, or in Dovie’s case- infection prone.

Yes, yes. Formula fed babies are more prone to ear infections. Yes, I wanted and tried and really still hate myself for not being able to BF. But why Lilly? I never lay her down with a bottle. Never propped it. I feed her (up until she started doing it herself) , yet she still gets an ear infection or double ear infection at least every 1-2 months. She’s on multiple antibiotics almost all the time. She sleeps awful because she’s in pain. I feel like I am always going her some form of Tylenol or Advil which I don’t like doing, but she’s in pain. Why would I deny her of being pain free?
Anyway. I took her today because I was almost 100% sure she has an ear infection. She had a double ear infection last month due to rsv and was on 2 rounds of antibiotics! That’s 20 days straight of that! Horrible. And now she’s got another one.
We were finally referred to an ENT (ears, nose, throat) doctor and I’m very skeptical on getting tubes. (which will probably happen.)
Putting your baby down for a procedure is scary, and I know people tell me “my kid had it. They’re fine! She’ll be fine!” and I believe them. It’s just so scary with me.
But I suppose a procedure beats the hell out of my kid being and living on antibiotics forever, right?

Ugh. I guess we will see when we actually go there. Until then we wait. Here are some pictures from our doctors trip this morning.


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