Pathetically still sick.

We’re on day 4 of this awful virus. Still high fever, no eating and no sleeping.
We went to the doctor yesterday to rule out ears/throat and all was clear, so of course it’s just wait it out still. And load up on Advil/Tylenol.

(so pathetic and laying on the floor thinking she’s dying.)

Dove started refusing milk yesterday and since then has only had half a cup (about 4oz.)
I’m really pushing liquids and it’s not working too well. Also, food is not an option for her. She did eat part of my sandwich yesterday and that’s it.
I hate this.

(poor feverish baby bird,)

We managed to get out after the doctor for a bit yesterday to save my sanity. Dove was doped up on Advil and we got some used/new to us shoes and an amazingly adorable bathing suit.
Other than that, we’ve been at home, trapped, miserable and sleepy. So so so so sleepy.

(fancy boots & a new striped yellow bathing suit while pumped on baby advil!)
This morning (day 4) I attempted to make Lilly heart-shaped blueberry oat bars; and burnt them. Currently pouting about this. But our morning is also being filled with lots of water, attempting to let Dove drink a capri sun, and loads of coffee for mama. LOADS.
Maybe I’ll do another update while she’s sick. Maybe not. I just want to sleep. And for my birdie to feel better. 

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