14 months: heading into total toddler-hood.

Oh, little girl. You’ve embraced toddler-hood and totally sent the baby of you packing. Daddy and I talk constantly how we remember you being “so small” and all of your baby grunts. We miss it so much, but in all honesty this stage you’re in has got to be the best of all.
We spend our days busy. Learning, dancing, playing, eating, (sometimes napping) and getting into things.  Here’s a recap of your little life as of right now. The big 14 months!
(I realize now that I completely skipped a year post. I’m awful, but we’ve been so busy! And you do so much! I’m trying to keep up so cut mommy a little slack..)

You’ve got 10. That’s 10 freaking teeth in your little mouth! All four on top, all four on bottom, and the two awesome, giant, painful top molars. They’re sharp. And big. And, they weren’t fun when they were breaking through.

You still really eat anything. Healthy, not healthy. Veggies, yes. Fruits, working on it. You love blueberries, apples and grapes like crazy. You didn’t care for kiwi, strawberries and raspberries. You like cottage cheese (any cheese) and love breads of any kind. I recently introduced peanut butter, I was scared, but you seemed ok, not thrilled by it. I might stick with sunflower butter for just a bit longer. And also cause it’s yummy. Duh.

You’ve gotten good at sleeping again. Unless you have an ear infection (we’re seeing an ENT in a few days thank God) Anyway, you sleep all through the night unless your ears/teeth hurt. And even then I just pat your back for a few seconds and you’re back down. You go to bed around 8:30-9 and wake around 8 every morning. I tried cutting you back to one nap a day, but that didn’t go over well at all. We struggled all day with tantrums and it just wasn’t the time yet. So you still take two naps. A long hour to two hour morning nap until noon, and then another around three or four for about an hour. Whatever makes you happy, makes me happy. But somedays you skip the naps…and it’s not ok. And you look like this. And I won’t post a picture on what I look like.
Sometimes skipping your nap does this.

Things you’re doing:
Spinning with no hands!
You are so smart. You run. You jump. You say almost anything now. (except you refuse to say thank you and please, which is very aggravating because you’ve said them each a couple of times.) You’re favorite things are animal noises, and counting. You like to sing and dance to anything that has a beat, and it’s freaking adorable. You spin around and point your feet just like a ballerina.
You still love your Barney, Yo Gabba Gabba and our newest favorite Pocoyo. Which you call, “po!”
You actively chase the cats, sometimes I’ll catch all three of you under the kitchen table and i’ll here “TITTIES” (Not boobs, you’re saying “kitties”) and then I’ll here a meow from one of them, and then a hurt feelings cry from you.
Oh my dear, you’re so lovey now too. You cuddle, you give “Hugs” and “kisses” constantly, and sometimes we compete with your kiss giving, and it’s awesome.
You love digging outside. Our flowerbed is your favorite. Along with shooting hoops with daddy.
Outside is your best friend. And this makes mommy so happy!
Evening dig guys.Early morning flower planting.
You enjoy your kitchen set now, and stir things in pots and bring it for us to taste. Whether its on a spoon or in a little teacup, we have to taste, and it’s always so yummy.
You’ve gotten really attached to your pacifier, which is starting to worry me. You see one and you pop it in, and sometimes you’ll even cry for it. This is strange since you’ve never been super dependant on it, but i’m sure breaking you is going to be hell, but you’ll always have bunny. Always “Bun!”
Here are some amazing videos of you. I am trying to catch you on video counting to three because it’s the cutest thing ever. That’ll be a next post I suppose!


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