Naked, grumpy days..

The past two days Lillian’s been in such a “mood.” I’m blaming the bottom two molars, but it could just be my kid and her grumpy attitude.

We’ve been spending our days naked. Or half naked if you will. Your body is only precious once, and well, who cares. It hit 104 degrees the other day. And we almost died. Outside time is pushed to the late evenings or very early mornings. Not fun. I’m hoping that it’ll all even out and it won’t be an awful, heat stroked summer.

This week we also got a couple of goodies from friends. We got some awesome hand made shoes from our friend Heather and Hadley, and a big pile of crazy goodness from our friends Johanna and Michael. We’re totally spoiled and love every single thing!

And that’s all I can really muster up for a blog post right now. Not the best, but I had to re-do it three different times because of the stupid formatting. So, oh well. 



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