Raising a newborn. Again. (Yawn)

We’ve got a puppy. A cute, very adorable, sweetest little girl pup I’ve ever met.
She cries if I leave her side. Yes. CRIES. She has to be touching me or I have to be in sight or she just loses it. It’s adorable and a little frustrating. 
We’re kennel training her, which I am really hoping goes well and we I stick to it. 
Birdie loves her of course. Like, LOVES HER. She picks her up when she’s crying and I’m not in the room and “shhh’s” her against her chest. Best mommy ever. 
She also brings her dish of water to her constantly. So annoying sweet.
She doesn’t understand when the puppy nibbles and bites on her bracelets or fingers and toes, but it’s ok. She’ll learn soon enough and I’m sure they’ll be the best of friends.
As for me. I’m raising a newborn again. She slept decent last night in her kennel. 10-4 am, and then I took her out at 5, she pottied (NO ACCIDENTS PEOPLE, NONE!) and then she was up at 5 am. And then 6 am. That’s when I gave up and put her in bed with us. Whoops.
She slept until 930 am when Lillian woke up. 
Oh. Yeah, sorry. Everyone, meet Lula!
(she’s a mix of a springer spaniel and I’m pretty sure her daddy was a blue heeler.)
Anyway, here she is. 
The newest baby in our family!

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