Summer days via instagram,

The days have been long and hot here. I’m still sleep deprived and Lillian has gone into full blown tantrum mode.
It’s been exhausting, hot (as I said earlier) and I feel like I just wait for nap times and bedtime to breathe.

Just because it’s been a difficult couple of days doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve been horrible. There is always good that comes with the bad.
Like sweet cuddles and kisses out of nowhere. Teaching Lilly animal noises and how to play pretend. It’s the little things in life. As much as I want the days to go by faster, I want time to slow down.
And that’s my ramble for tonight. It’s raining this evening and were stir crazy.


One thought on “Summer days via instagram,

  1. she is too cute. and I totally hear you about wanting time to go faster and slow down at the same time. I count the seconds til nap or bed, and then I'll see the boys smile or hear them laugh and wish the days would never pass into years that will take my babies away from me. Being a mom is so tough. such a roller coaster of emotion!


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