On learning new things,

This past month has been extremely crazy for me.
I can’t wrap my head around the fact that Lillian has learned so many new words and actions.
It’s insane. Compared to the things she understood and said last month to this month has almost doubled. It’s amazing! Here are a few of her favorite things that have become of recently:
It's raining outside so instead of our usual outdoor evenings were cooped up inside mixing up animals. ❤
1.) books. She finally is starting to like to “look” at books. I’ve been trying for forever to read to her and she’d just close it or walk off uninterested. But now, finally, we can at least get through half a book with her pointing at things and repeating me. (for a minute there I was worried, I’m not gunna lie.)

2.) Cars/trains/trucks.
Anything that she can push and say “vrooom” to is ok in her world. If she can ride it, she will. If she can’t ride it, she will. It’s kinda hard to not laugh when your giant child is sitting on a tiny little tractor…

3.) “Melmo.” 
Oh yes. It’s happened. Finally. The love for just Elmo has become into an obsession. Anytime she see’s his big red face she screams,”MELMO!” and of course, I must buy her whatever it is. Because. She says his name. OMG. So cute.

4.) Dora. I’m a little less thrilled about this discovery. I put it on one morning when Lilly wasn’t wanting to watch her usual Barney and Eebee Baby (this is Eebee, creepy but she loves it.) so I popped on Dora. She’s been sick for about a week now so this is why we are watching so much tv.
Blah, blah. So, now she will watch Dora (kinda) and when she says to say, “TREE” lilly will jump and say, “TWEE!” So I guess its not a complete fail. I mean, I hate Dora. But she’s learning and saying things and it’s damn adorable. It makes me feel like I have a baby genius guys.

5.) Bubbles. She can say them. She can blow them. She can pop them. She’s amazing and she loves bubbles.

6.) Sliding. It’s become a new obsession with her. I convinced Brandon months ago to buy her a little baby slide, and when she rarely used it it got put away until another day. Brandon was a bit ticked off, because well, she never used it. But now. NOW is a completely different story. She knows how to climb, slide, climb, let cars slide down. Bunny slides down. Cups slide down. The puppy slides down too. Anytime there is a slide, whether its attached to a kiddie pool or at a playground, this girl is on it. She ever so smartly counts “Two, twee” and there she goes. Not a one. Never one.
7.) Sass. 
It’s happened and sorta backfired on me. Remember when Lilly was around 4 months old and refused to take a pacifier and I kept buying and trying different ones over and over again?  She had colic and I was desperate for some quiet. Any quiet coming from her. Well, yeah. Now. NOW she has a horrible addiction and will take ANY pacifier she sees. We call them “sassy’s” and she shortens everything she loves (ex. Bunny is bun) and so therefore she is constantly yelling, “Sass. My sass!” when she wants it.
More on that later……eeeeeek.

8.) Where’s Lilly? It’s an amazing game. You should play it.
I couldn't find Lilly this morning guys..

9.) Building blocks. She can stack. Lemme tell ya.
Extremely proud of her block tower.

10.) Jumping. Say jump and she will.

There isn’t anything else I can really think of that she’s completely obsessed with other than those. But, she is saying a lot more. She will point that finger and tell the puppy, “NO NO” when she is jumping on her. She says “dink” when she wants a drink. She says “eat” to eat. Uhherrmm. She loves to yell “push” and push the shopping cart for me when we’re shopping.
She loves to hug.
Ask her for a hug or say “i love you,” and you’ve got a sweet ass hug from Lilly coming your way.
*melt my heart*
Yogurt, blueberries & apple gram sticks. Probably the yummiest snack time ever.

And I guess that’s all for now.
Sorry for the bragging updated post. But sometimes you have to brag on your kids because it makes you feel like a good mommy.


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