Rambling stuff.

It’s like, 10:30 pm and we just got back from a family BBQ/reunion thing. The bird was dead asleep but in a dirty dress/diaper..so I had to be a good mom and change her. (damnit.)

Now I’m rocking her to sleep and she’s just staring at me.
Whoa is me.

///Lilly’s currently cutting four teeth. Yes, FOUR. She rarely sleeps, wines about not sleeping and just wines.
I’ve wanted to cry a couple of times this past week on and off. Mostly at night. They’re the worst.

I was going to say “on the upside” but there’s not really much to say.
I’m sleepy. She’s winey. It’s hot as hell and I’m sleepy.

Also because I’m five, people are crazy and I hate you. Niggghht guys,


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