Some videos and instagram treasures.

I have a complete talking toddler now you guys.
She talks, repeats anything and everything, and can almost put together sentences. WTF.
I am freaking out. She’s really turning into a funny little girl these days, and I can’t help but have fun days with her. She’s so much fun! And this is what being a stay at home mom is all about, having fun and teaching her things.
Here are some videos from the past couple of weeks. If you follow me on facebook or instagram you’ve probably seen some of these. I know. You just can’t get enough of her. OMG.

(choo-choo’s are her new favorite thing lately. And yes, she built that all by herself, can you tell?)
(dinner with my mom and sisters results in teaching Lilly awesome things and us laughing hysterically.)
(I’ve been teaching her this song for a while {ignore my terrible voice} and she does all the movements now. PRECIOUS.)
I’ve got one more video, but it’s on Brandon’s phone and he’s a work. So I guess you’ll just have to wait. I know, the suspense. It’s of her singing Ke$ha because I’m an awesome parent. Yes. 
Lately this little girl is not sleeping. EVER. Oh, I know. We’ve had these problems since day one. No sleep, mombie posts, blah blah. Well she’s having night terrors associated with teething. (She’s getting like, 400 teeth in right now, I swear, it’s insane.) So she wakes at night screaming and it takes me a good hour or two to rock her to sleep. Ridic. 
So I bought these magic pills. They say for 2+, but she’s the size of a two year old, and plus is all natural and I don’t give her the entire dose. They are miracle tablets I swear. If I give them to her right after bath it takes me 30 minutes at the most to put her down, and she doesn’t wake in the middle of the night screaming bloody murder. She sleeps all night. Peacefully. And that results in her being happier during the day. We are still fighting naps. I don’t want to give them to her for nap time, so she takes maybe an hour nap a day. (So not cool, but we’re working on it.) 
Onto better and cuter things. instagram. GO. I’m still obsessed and probably will be forever. 
Singing to me during a blue bath tonight. Her muscle face.
Hay.Lillian in big t shirts is my new favorite thing ever. Also, my dog is crazy and loves water.
Morning baby bunny.Untitled
Always put both hands on the stealing wheel.This is what happens when you don't take a nap all day.
Elmo sneezing makes for a decent morning.It's a tent in the loving room type day.
...and it's another day.Keeping this bird up a bit late hoping to sleep in some tomorrow. :(
Seems about right..Untitled

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