Lately we’ve been so busy, with family vacation, family events and just plain life.
I’ve hardly blogged this summer and thats due to having a toddler who lets me do nothing I want to do and we have to do everything she wants to do. We’re outside a lot. Melting.
We eat ice cream. Less. But more. I’ve also been on a completely de-cluttering and deep cleaning spree. So, that explains like, some of it.
Pretty much.Texts from my mom. Beautiful bird. Also, she ran into a door yesterday in the SAME spot as her super glue was. It's swollen and re-opened. Totally leaving a scar. :/

Things like that.
Crooked is my new favorite thing.

Until we’re cooped back up inside, I’ll probably be a little less present here on the blog.
But thats ok. Just follow me on instagram as “pegapallo” and you can completely live my life via photos daily.
I know, we’re that interesting that you’re missing us right?
From yesterday. Too cute to not post, right? #latergramMy entire being.

Silly lunch.

Ok. Ok. Ok.


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