"No. No! Not. No!"

This post is a hard one.
One for the fact that I haven’t blogged in forever, and I can’t even begin to catch you up and second, because, well, yeah.

The title explains my life lately.
Lillian is a pro at telling me, “No!” and “not!” (which i’m guessing not means don’t and no put together, because that’s how she uses the context.)
Anyway, this kid. She’s got a mind of her own these days. She’s in charge and i’m fighting to keep up with the queen. She’s in love with chairs. And shoes. And our dog “Rura” (lula.)

She wants to put on different shoes about 4,000 times a day. Matching or not. If I don’t put them on she tells me “No!” and runs off to lay on the ground, in a depressing wine.
If I arrange her chairs like she wanted, but all of a sudden thats not how she pictured them, it’s “NOT!” and another fit.
Morning from lotion hair.

Here’s yesterdays scene in the dollar store:
There’s Thomas the Train chairs & a princess ones, but if you know my kid she’s obsessed with “choo-choos” so yeah. She sees the chair (with her chair obsession and choo choo obsession how could she avoid it?) and runs to sit in it. Why is my kid not in a basket you ask? Oh, because she climbs out, jumps out, falls out, etc. She sits in the chair and I tell her, “No baby, come on.” She throws a fit, screaming “NO!” at the top of her lungs. I pick her up, flailing body and all, and she is screaming in this tiny store at the top of her lungs, “NOOOOO! NOT! NOT! CHOO CHOO! MAMA CHOO CHOO! NOOO! RURA!” (Rura being our dog, lula. She cries for her when she’s in trouble…)
I wish I could’ve gotten her the chair, but she’s got 3 at home for god’s sake, and it’s ruining my living room. It looks like I have tiny midgets living with us. So, she cried on the way home. It was exhausting, people were staring, and I was embarrassed.
Cool story.
Choosing a nail color is drama。
I’ve tried spanking, and every once in a while it works. (a tiny tap on the leg, don’t even make me go into not spanking your kids and blah blah blah. because everyone has their own opinions on it, and I only do it if nothing else has worked and she’s stuck on brat mode.)
Anyway, time out works but it hurts my ears. She stays where she’s supposed to, but screams at the top of her lungs and hits her leg (cause she’s pissed, duh.)
I’ve also tried talking softly and telling her, “we don’t like that word. lets calm down.” but that rarely works.

She’s also come into loving her voice. She’s got a “Pterodactyl scream” as we call it when she screams at the top of her lungs to shoo other kids away from toys, and when she’s excited. It’s a two for one scream. Dinosaur style. WHERE IS THIS KIDS VOICE BOX VOLUME?
Post nap.Proud of her abc tower. Like a boss.
Sad face. Wink face. Happy face. Silly face.
Ok. So my kid started her terrible 2’s early. That’s the point. It’s hard, and I want to cry myself sometimes. I feel like I fail as a mommy when she won’t listen to me, or acts up in public. It’s embarrassing and hard, and I know it’s normal, it’s a phase, but man. Like, shit. This is hard!
Buddies smile together.Evening play,
UntitledRainy mornings.
There isn’t really more to this post. I love my daughter. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. She’s so smart. Too smart almost. I think thats why she throws so many fits because she actually cares about things. She knows. Unlike some kids that just sit there, she thinks. So maybe its a blessing in disguise. Fits or not, I love her. She’s awesome.


2 thoughts on “"No. No! Not. No!"

  1. OMG, this made me laugh so hard. She sounds just like Delilah, and I get so frustrated with her, it's nice to know there is at least one other child and mommy out there going thru what we are.. lol, good luck!!

    -Heather Lewis


  2. i am right there with you. zoey cares, too. so i hear you…she gets mad if things aren't just so and it's her way or the highway. ALREADY. how do they learn that so fast? your little lady amazing. i think she's great.


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