Here are ten random things my child does that makes her amazing:

1.) She sings along with almost any song. Barney, Mumford & Sons, Fleet Foxes and Ke$ha.

2.) She knows the opening to Pretty Little Liars (recently got into the show, cut me a break.) She yells “pewwy!” and then puts her finger to her mouth and says “shhhh.”

3.) If I don’t answer her after multiple times of calling me “mama/mom” she promptly yells, “SHASHA!”

4.) She enjoys wearing her high heels that click around when she walks.

5.) She repeats everything. Enough said on that one.

6.) She’s obsessed with my parents house and their “boo’s, bulls, and howses.” (cows, bull and horses.)

7.) Ever seen a kid clean? She does. She spits and then wipes off my coffee table.

8.) dancing, skipping and “ma marching!” are her very favorite moves.

9.) “eese” (Itsy-bitsy spider) is a must sing.

10.) She waves to everyone in a public place saying , “hiiiii!” and then “byeeee!” when we walk past. She’s friendly.

More to come.


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