Growing up.

I know a lot of mothers have different opinions on everything.
Every single little thing is usually thought different through the eyes of a mother.
One of my biggest pet peeves is when parents force their kids into growing up.

My childhood was amazing. We weren’t super poor, but we weren’t rich. We played outside until the sun went down. We drank kool-aid. We ate macaroni and cheese. We’d get Mcdonalds happy meals every once in a while. We used our imagination and run up and down the block with cowboys and indians…I hated growing up.
I will honestly admit that I played barbies until I was 13. I’d play with my little sister. It was make believe, and I didn’t have to think about junior high and how unpopular I was, how ugly my glasses and braces were.
My childhood was awesome.
Duck chasing.
Lillian is growing and changing at a rapid fast pace. I swear she just learned to walk not long ago and now she runs and climbs. She says complete sentences and is starting to play make believe with toys.
It’s amazing. But I want it to slow down.
Best idea yet? Bear in the Big Blue House VHS and a tiny car tv. Dovie sized. Dovie approved. Goodnight Luna the moon.
She still uses a pacifer, mainly for comfort when she’s sleepy. But I let her use it.
It’s 18+ months so it’s ok for her teeth. Her speech is advanced, so it’s not hurting. She’s a baby. My baby. I’ll let her be one as long as she wants. Soon enough she will be driving and not wanting much to do with us anymore, so i’m still going to rock her to sleep until her legs drag the floor. She’s my baby.

She weened herself off the bottle at 12 months. I was going to let her use one (just morning and night time bottle) until she was about 15 months. She did that herself and it made me sad. I miss making her formula and shaking her bottle.

She’s into the potty. She sits, wipes and flushes. She just doesn’t put anything into the toilet. She claps and says “YAY LILLY!” and I encourage her, but nothings coming out.
She will let me know when she’s done something in her diaper by bringing me a diaper and wipes.
So, she’s growing up. And while I hate changing diapers, I’m going to miss her puffy butt in pants. I know I will. She’s my baby.
She’ll always be my baby.
Her hair...
What I’m really saying is don’t force your kids to grow up. They do it on their own.
Slow it down. Give them a bottle if they want one. Give them a pacifier if they want one. Rock them to sleep. Cuddle them. Have fun hearing the crunchy diaper run toward you.
It won’t last long.


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