Birdie says,

I think I’m going to start doing a “birdie says” video every couple days/weeks. Or whenever I feel like it or remember it. She’s so cute, and her development and little voice change every day. I want to look back and remember some of our daily conversations we have. Sure, we argue whether or not the lion on tv that is grooming it’s cub is biting it. Lilly will scream, “OUCH MAMA! NO BITE!” and i’ll tell her the lion really didn’t bite her. It’s on tv. But she’s right. She’s always right. 
We also like to change the subject when we do things we’re not supposed to. 
“is there marker on your face lillian? ….oh, a silly face is funny..” 
So, yeah. I hope you enjoy the videos. Cause there will probably be more.


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