P is for…

“Potty! Tee tee potty! Pwetty pannies! (Pretty panties.)”

This girl has been telling me for months when she uses the bathroom. “Mama, tee tee. Mama, poop. Shheeww!”

Exactly. My kid tells me when she poops. She brings me the diaper and wipes, say what?!
Well, I’ve been trying and putting her on the big girl potty for about a month now. She’d clap, say “yay Lilly!” Then get down. Without doing it. Nothing. Empty potty.

So, as I have refused for like, ever, i ate my words and bought a tiny potty. Yeah, the one you dump out. (So gross.) anyway, bam. Five minutes of getting it she peed in it. And again. Six times that afternoon. SIX.
Such a genius girl.. We have yet to poop in it (which is cool with me for a while.) but, she can pee and wear panties all day while we’re home. With the exception of sleeping.

I’m not hardcore potty training her. If we go somewhere she has a diaper on and if she shows interest wherever we’re at to go, then ill take her. But for now, it’s saving us a few diapers when were home and most importantly she’s having fun with it. And that’s all I can really ask for, right?

Genius baby.


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