Sick. What’s new?

.. Lillian got a horrible virus Thursday morning. Awful high fevers that wouldn’t come down, and terrible blisters down her throat. She’s been refusing everything. Drinks, food, ice cream, Popsicles. Even ice (and we all know how she loves sticking her hand in our glasses for ice.)
We’ve almost been on our way to the ER twice. High fever finally came down and just last night she started drinking.. I was terrified if dehydration, seriously.
But. It seems she’s on the mend. 2 hours of sleep at night… God.

I think I’m surviving. (Is this the real life?) bah. I just would like to know how and why my kid is the one constantly sick?
I stay home with her. I expose her to playgrounds I guess.. But other kids are there and it’s just Lilly that gets it.

Either way. Winter better be easy on us. We don’t do well with illness.
I guess that’s all. I’m tired.


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