Picking favorites.

Daddy's taking Dovie to the store so I can take a bath and relax.
Did your kids ever pick a favorite parent? Not like, hey i hate you, you’re not my favorite, but just, wants one more than the other during different phases?
Brandon is Lillians life right now. He works a lot, so when he’s home, he’s trapped.
Trapped between little hugs, playing games and doing whatever she wants.

Sometimes she doesn’t want me when he’s home. And it used to make me really sad and almost Jealous. Yupp. Shh, i said it. But i’m over it.

I realized that when daddy’s home and she wants him, it gives me a break. A break to do the dishes without small hands tugging on my dress. A break to maybe take a bath alone? (OMG.) or just to watch a short tv show. ALONE. Without pausing. Wow. It’s nice.

Of course Brandon gets his alone time too. (sometimes, lol) but that’s what happens when you’re favorite at the moment. Anyway, here’s an awesome funny video we captured during lunch this afternoon.  (It’s a little noisy because brandon was fixing up our pizza.)

Other than little things like, oh, being sick for a freaking month straight on and off, we’ve been doing nothing. I’ve also got some pumpkin patch pictures to post later this week if whatever I have (the flu i think, i’m dying.) will go away.



One thought on “Picking favorites.

  1. awww…daddy's little girl! very sweet. and very important for you to get a break and take care of yourself. 🙂 i'm zoey's fave right now…we're bffs…inseparable. i literally can't do anything without her little shadow. i'm trying to take full advantage, as i know at some point…it won't be me. 😉


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