Pictures with captions.

                                           Yesss. Just lots of pictures with captions.

Bunny bath. Very much needed bunny bath.
Her face is price-less. Pre bang cut. 
Lazy kids in my bed.
Fall evenings.
Smoothie making. Apple blending freaking out.
Just a funny face, ya?
Best (early) birthday present ever from my sister. My addiction.
Eating ketchup by the spoonful. And batman. 
Someone can draw circles now. Or as she calls them, “cirte, cirte”
(that’s a fake poop icon, but there’s a real turd under it.) You can hate me. I’m that mom that takes those pictures of every first. Yes. She pooped in the potty. She’s amazing. 
“daddee’s hat”
Choo-choo train riding. 
omfg her face is the best. She rode a pony. It pooped, and she yelled, “ew, shee-wee!”
First time painting. A fish. Always FISH. 
The amazing eye roll, dog.

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