Bad to the bone Dovie.
Lately, i’ve been exhausted with Lillian throwing fits.
If she doesn’t get what she wants, she wines and cries and throws herself on the ground. It got real bad there for a while, I couldn’t hardly handle it to be honest. I stopped. Took a breath and and calmly told her to use her words…it’s been kinda working.
But now I have a new issue.
I know 20 month old’s aren’t great at sharing. I know this. But my daughter is far from laid back and calm. She’s hyper, she’s too smart for her own good at times. She knows what toys are hers, making play groups at our house unbearable for me! She pushes, yells, “MINE!” and sometimes throws things…How do I break this terrible, selfish cycle?!

I know she’s still a little baby. And she can be so gentle and sweet at times, and others she’s crazy and out of control. I know she’s just trying to voice and figure out her actions and thoughts, it’s just exhausting!

We’ve been working on sharing. Thats been my main goal lately and I’ll continue to work on it.
Are there any other tips out there for a 2 year old going on 16?
UntitledThis girl.


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