The sassy.

I’m sure many of you that follow me on Facebook or Instagram have seen my daughter with a pacifier in her mouth. Or, as we call it, “sassy!”

I used to swear up and down that my kid would never have a pacifier past 18 months. OOPS.

Here we are at almost 21 months with a pacifier. She’s attached like never before, and I dread the day they have to part.

Now, I am against using pacifiers for a “plug” or “to shut them up.”
Lillian really only uses hers when she’s sleepy or in the car. Bunny and “sassy” go hand in hand. If she has one, she has the other. It’s her comfort.

I don’t like that she uses it too much, but I really have nothing to worry about. Her speech is advanced beyond belief. (She talks non-stop when it’s not in her mouth..) and her teeth aren’t misshaped from it. We went to the dentist, her teeth are perfect so she doesn’t use it as much as i thought..
Anyway, the ones she does use are 18+ months, so they are formed to her mouth.. (Which genius that of that, right?)

So, now that thats off my chest, that’s all. Lilly will have a pacifier until she’s potty trained… Then, it’ll be bye bye.
She’s only my baby once, why rush it?


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