Christmas activities and some Dovie says.

You guys remember when I was going to start “Dovie says” every couple posts and then I didn’t do it and forgot. Well, if you follow me on facebook, it’s pretty much back. It’s just easier to upload videos from my phone straight to there. It’s also easier to just take pictures with instagram. Honestly, I’m lazy when it comes to blogging now. Probably because I’m in the midst of potty training, which is successful still, at home. I don’t know when to take her out in panties. I’m dreading pee in the car seat and like, in the middle of target or something. I dunno.

We, or rather I decided I wanted to redo our outdated 1980’s bathroom. We’ve painted the walls the other day, and now we have to do the counter and paint the cabinets. I’m digging the green though. It’s a nice change from boring paste white. 
Lots of things going on in this picture. Newly pained bathroom, panties, dancing, and popcorn. Also, cabinets and counter are next!

Either way, Christmas has been keeping us busy this month too. Shopping for people is fun, but not with a busy body toddler. It’s like, stressful. 
We made homemade ornaments for family members and I let the Dove paint them. I also got her a little snowman advent calendar and hung it smack in the middle of our wall, just at her height. I’m hoping this will keep her paws from stealing my ornaments and putting them in her stroller and distributing them around the house. (bathtub, beds, etc.) 
Making homemade ornaments with these two gingers.Tonight's view along with watching the grinch and sipping some chai.
First snowfall calls for red boots.
painting dove,Traditions.
So, other than that, we’ve been laying low and hanging out at my parents house a lot. She feeds cows and gets to run around outside, which is her personal favorite. She also may or may not be obsessed with riding in the go-carts and 4-wheelers. Dangerous maybe? I don’t know. She loves it. 
I’m so excited for christmas this year. She knows who “Santa” is and loves him, except for when he’s real and wants to hold her. See?
She also is obsessed with “snowy’s” (Snowmen.) We play Frosty the Snowman in the car a million times, we sing it all day long, and she even has a cup with one on it. It’s her favorite these days. 
Ok, ok. Enough rambling. Here’s the Dovie says videos. 
(morning cat snuggles)

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