The potty post.

He almost made it to the potty. Luckily, Lilly did. Hence the pants on the floor..
As of about 2 months ago, Lilly was officially potty trained. That means she’s in panties all day. And a pull up at night. Naps I still put a pull up/diaper on her, but she always wakes up with it dry.

I never pushed her into doing it. She’d show intrest when I would go. And thats when I started. I bought her a potty seat for the big potty and let her sit on it. (this was around 16 months.) She never did anything, but I would always clap and say, “yay!” when she would get up, because it should always be a positive experience.

After a while, she got bored with it and refused to sit on the potty. I gave up, and decided we’d try again when she wanted to.
I decided to buy her a small potty (yeah, the kind you have to dump after each use, gross ones I never wanted to try, but I did it.) and she took to it like a duck in water. She pee’d the first time sitting on it. And then again and again. So, after rewarding her with chocolate chips. (semi-healthy and cheap you guys!) one for pee-two for poo. Rock the system. Bribery always wins! 😉

So, after a while, we went public in panties and haven’t turned back since.
She was a bit sceptical of using public bathrooms (who isn’t, they are sick.) but we overcame are fears, draped that toilet paper over the seats and boom. Potty trained!
Morning guys!Sleep tight long legs.

Now, I will say she will have an accident if I don’t ask her for a couple of hours if she’s playing at someone’s house or busy at story time. But other than that, the kid runs to the bathroom, gets her stool and climbs up on the potty without any kind of help or seat, and pees, wipes, flushes and comes and tells me. It’s a miracle. And saves us in diapers.
I’m very proud of her, and she loves her “pwincess” panties and most of all loves her monsters inc and nemo boys underwear.

And that, my friends is potty training the dove.
Jealous you don't get to drink your coffee while waiting on this aren't you?Lots of things going on in this picture. Newly pained bathroom, panties, dancing, and popcorn. Also, cabinets and counter are next!


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