Two years of life.

Hello my love. You’re two. Officially two. And it’s only taken a while to blog about it. Because, well, you’re a handful. I rarely sit down if you’re awake. Like. I don’t think I’ve ever met a more demanding child. And you talk. Talk and talk and talk and talk. Most of the time I have to tell you to “take a break and hush.” You tell me what you want, how you want it, and when you want it. Which makes me want to air punch you a lot of the time. (But I don’t.) And also, I realize you’re so super smart that you just can’t help it at times.

You’re birthday party this year was circus and ice cream themed. Simple. You loved it. Sugar and balloons, what else do you need to turn two?

Lets see. You’ve got all your teeth still and are about to get your two year molars. You still have a pacifier but only use it for comfort of sleep and in the car. But like I said, you talk all the time so its not in your mouth that much.
You’re favorite things to eat are ice cream and steamed broccoli. Absolute favorite. You also love chocolate and ketchup like it’s crack. Somedays you’ll be a picky eater and some days you’ll eat everything in site plus more, so it’s really just up to you and what you’re feeling like. 
You sleep good. usually 10-10, with an hour or two nap squeezed in there. Some days you skip naps, some days they are like, three hours. You’re just particular about them. You sleep walk, but haven’t been as much lately. For a time there you were doing it every night, and it was creepy. But you’ve slowed it down and stay in your bed and fall back asleep carefree now. 
You’re favorite thing is still Barney, and of course BABY BOP. Dear God, how can someone love something so annoying so much? I don’t know. But you love her. 
You’ve also become obsessed with Pingu. A claymation show about a penguin. Weird. 
Katy Perry is a hit. Anytime you see someone who is pretty with bright clothes on is “PAY PERRY.” You run around the house singing “TGIF!” like you were in the club, and I have to say its super cute. 
Twinkle twinkle is your favorite song of all, and you bust out singing it whenever, wherever. 
You’ve been throwing fits at a two year old should, and scream like there is someone trying to murder you. Grocery shopping is HELL with you. And you’ve gotten to the point where you’re one of “those kids” that run away from their parents in stores. People give me the death glare and I smile politely back at them. (a-holes clearly have never had a toddler.)
You’re still completely potty trained but every once in a while will have an accident. You’re obsessed poop and constantly have to watch if our dog is pooping. Or you’re baby poops. You know, POOP. You’re also obsessed with being a “baby” and letting everyone pretend you’re a newborn. You fake cry and ask for a bottle. Sometimes we switch roles with you and you pretend to rock us, feeding us a bottle. It’s truly adorable, and makes me so sad that you’re not my little newborn anymore.
You know you’re ABC’s and anytime you see lettering you yell, “BBC’S MAMA! WOOK!” 
You can count to 20, but the teen numbers kinda sound the same. You know square, triangle, circle, moon, star and heart shapes and can point them out. You’re good with colors, except you get green and blue mixed up at times. You’re constantly wanting to learn and that makes me so happy. You’re so smart and you’re mind is always on the go. I couldn’t have asked for a better, brighter child.

You love picking out your shoes and clothes now. Most the time you dress pretty decent, but sometimes you have to wear your hideous princess crocks from wal-mart that are just…well, self explanatory. But I let you be you. Messy and carefree. You explore nature and love finding “beetles.” We’re outside most of the day, watching ants crawl around, picking weeds, drawing with chalk and blowing bubbles. You also are learning to ride your scooter, but still need practice.

I love you dearly, and couldn’t picture my life without you in it. You make each day a challenge. You make it beautiful. You make it worth living.


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