Hello all. I’ve been neglecting this blog for quite some time now. Popping in with a few picture posts and then going on my way.

In all honesty I want a blog that everyone wants to read.. That they look forward to reading.. But nowadays I have a crazy 2 and a half year old that keeps me busy. I have not much to talk about because I honestly don’t ever get a break to even think.
Watching Mulan. The usual. #latergram
Wake up. Disney movie of her choose. Destroy house. Oatmeal. Destroy kitchen. Whine. Play outside. Get filthy. Destroy the floors with sand and mud. Wash off. Whine.  Lunch. Destroy the room of her choice. Possible nap. (If one at all. But that’s another post. -_-) Disney movie of her choice. Play. Dinner… You get it. My routine, my life.
Today, is in fact laundry day.
Mountain sleeps. #vscocam
We’ve been dealing with the “terrible twos” or as I like to call the fits, “Lilly being Lilly.” They’re exhausting y’all. She’s such a fun, bright, enthusiastic child. Seriously. She’s so smart.. Almost too smart for her own good. But, she’s got the emotions of a 13 year old hormonal teenager. For instance, I kissed her and told her “goodnight.” .. Her response was, sobbing uncontrollably, “don’t say goodnight to me! I don’t want to sleep!” 
I mean. Come on.
 D R A M A. 
Anyways, that’s pretty much it. Daily life. Ive been feeling like I’m missing something lately. Whether its a funk of doing the same thing everyday, wanting a baby, wanting a job- I don’t know. I just feel sluggish and incomplete. 
Another reason I haven’t done a whole lot of anything lately is because of the migraines I started getting around 2 months ago. Killer. I’ve never had them, or really even headaches before. Man. The pounding. The dizziness. The light. It’s awful and I never wish it on anyone. I still haven’t found out what my “trigger” is.. But I’ve slowly been keeping them at bay. Magnesium supplements and lavender oil have become my go to, everyday things. 
So.. That’s that. Life. It’s getting in the way of Internet. I still post almost daily on Instagram, but I mean, who doesn’t.. Facebook.. Sure. 
Now, for an update of the crazy two year old:
Daddy made this bird very happy last night. After a traumatizing day of finding her mermaid chewed up by our dog; she cried forever. This made it all better.
Sleeping beauty was driving sleepy this morning. #latergram
She’s princess and Disney obsessed. I was too.. Still am I suppose. I love watching all the movies I grew up watching. Tangled a favorite. “Weepunzel” is quoted daily.. Along with frolicking in the grass barefoot.
Mulan. That’s the ultimate lately. We watch it constantly. It saved our lives driving on vacation. She can quote the entire movie. THE ENTIRE THING. It was one of my personal favorites.. Especially during my tomboy phase. 
Jasmine. She’s got it. Snow White, a personal favorite. The list can go on and on. She knows every song to every movie. She has the dolls. The babies. The barbies. This girls got it good. Brave is a new favorite that’s emerging. She got panties with her and the bears on it and struts around like she’s queen. (If she even is wearing panties, and not completely naked like she is 99.9% of her life.)
☁☁☁You are my wild.
I’m sure that no one read this post. It has a lot of wording. Sorry y’all. Phone blogging does that to ya. Anyways, here’s some pictures, vine videos, etc. I promise ill try and update more. Real things too. But please don’t hold me to that promise. I’ve got a two year old yanking me to get her breakfast. So, bye! 
Too cute not to post. (Stupid finger.) upload

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