It’s nearing the cold and fall is pretty much here! (Except the stupid 90 degrees we had last week.) I’ve had tons of pumpkin flavored stuff already, not even 10 days into my favorite month. My 25th birthday is this month. On the 25th.. I’m thinking, “hey that’s half way to 50 and I’m old as shit.” So, let’s throw a big party. No clue what, where or how. But I think it’s seems fitting. 

A couple of recent things. I got my nose repierced. 4th times the charm, right? Who cares. Uh, also  I have a job again. 4 years without working can be scary to jump back into the field, even if it’s 3 hours a day, 5 times a week. 
I’ve started working at a local Montessori school, as an afternoon teacher. Lilly gets to go with me, play, be social, and
absolutely LOVES it. and I get a little extra money and some feeling of importance again. (Que my last post if you don’t know what I’m talking about.) 

So, yeah. We go to school everyday and Lilly asks every morning to go. This girl CRIES when it’s time to leave. I know, I feel like I should’ve done this months ago honestly. 

Other than work/school we’ve been so incredibly just with life I can’t even remeber what to write. Or what to even think about writing. Lilly’s writing and practicing her “L” for her name. She does them a backward 7. So, it’s close. She’s a lefty. Writing is hard. 
She’s completely into superheroes. Full force. She always goes big or goes home when it’s up to what she’s into at the moment. Batman. Superman. Spidaman. Power rangers. Aquabats! It’s what our days consist of. 

Yupp. So, that’s about it I guess. 


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