Fighting for control and losing.

I know every parent struggles with if they’re raising their kid right. Is she polite? Eat a healthy diet? Smart? Funny? Does she listen well? 

I struggle with trying to get Lilly to perfect every single one of those and probably more, (I just can’t think right now.)
She is polite. When she wants to be. She eats so good, most of the time. She listens (never.) She’s incredibly smart, (too smart.) it’s always what she wants when she wants. And I’ve got to let that go. 
She’s two. Two and a half actually. Sometimes I think she’s four because she acts that way and is so ahead of her time. I need to step back and realize that she’s still a baby. A toddler. She’s my baby. My toddler. 
The other night I was so frazzled from work, getting home and getting everything ready for bed. She brushed her teeth and just as I was about to put her down, she ate a cracker. Just a cracker. I was so frustrated that she just brushed her teeth, and that we would have to do it over again. Prolonging sleep 3 more minutes. as she brushed her teeth, again. I looked at her and felt sorry. I was so sorry I got mad with her. It broke my heart. She’s a baby. My baby. She ate a cracker. That was all. 
I’ve got to ease up and let her run. I will always be there to guide her, make sure she doesn’t stray too far. But, she can eat a cracker. She can sometimes eat macaroni instead of her carrots. It’s ok. She’s a baby. She’s my baby. And it was just a cracker. 


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