The great pacifier wean.

Oh God. You read that title right. Dear anyone thinking of doing this. I wish.. You luck. Prepare yourself and never do it randomly. 

Ok, so Lillian’s 2.5 years old. She wasn’t the kid always with a sassy in her mouth. (Sassy=pacifier, keep up.) But she totally was dependent on it. Anytime she would whine, or get hurt, or get sleepy, or just needed comfort, sassy and bunny were there. 
They became a pair when she was about six months old. And since then she’s been walking with the two and never looked back. If we lost one, chaos would ensue. We were constantly looking for one or the other. Never just one. Until that fateful day, October 17, 2013. 
Lilly had been acting out some. Terrible twos? Probably. Anyway, it had been a rough couple of days and I was at my wits end with reasoning with her, fighting, etc. 
Soooooo, I just told her that until she started behaving right, I would take her sassy. (I could probably get a zillion slaps on the wrist about how that’s mean and withholding stuff is evil parenting, but I did just that.) I just put them in my closet. We had lunch, went to school and came home. She asked for it maybe once. That’s it. So I figured I’d roll with it. (You better believe I had a secret sneaky backup one in my purse.) So, maybe she wasn’t that attached and it could be that easy. Night time came, not a huge ordeal. Some crying, nothing terrible. She went to sleep and didn’t budge. 
The next day. Hell. Anytime she reached for bunny, she wanted sassy. There wasn’t one. She’d ask, I’d say, “your a big girl baby. You’re doing so good. Let’s go do (insert whatever took her mind off it here.)” 
Each day that’s gone by since then has been the some. Her attitude has worsened. She acts out in anger, but I just don’t want to give in. During the day she’s fine and busy, but anytime she reaches for bunny, she loses it. And I do to. She’s grown away from bunny I’m guessing out of anger and the fact that her sassy doesn’t come with him anymore. It’s literally breaking our hearts. I never wanted her to outgrow him. Ever. I’m hoping within a few more days things shape up. But this has been hard. So very hard. There have been times where we’ve looked at each other and thought, “damn this is hard. Give it back to her. She’s really hurting.” But we haven’t. I’ve cried. For my baby. For my sanity. For bunny. It’s been 8 days now and I’m hoping we’re making a turn. She didn’t ask for him that much today and if she did, she’s proudly say, “I’m a big girl today, remember?” And she is. She’s such a big girl. I’m so proud of her, and I know that through all of the fits, fights, and crying. Its a part of growing up for all of us. And I just hope I’m doing the best for her. And I really hope she’s still not pissed about this when she’s like, 20. 

Goodbye sassy. We loved you, and you saved our lives when Lillian was a colicky baby. When ever we needed you, you were there. Thanks for everything. 

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