Lillian’s 3rd Frozen birthday!

Well, I haven’t written in a couple of months because; life. Lilly keeps me on my toes. Working (yes, 3 hours, 5 times a week wears me out with 30 small children.) and well, life in general. It seems we’re always on the go. Rarely home, and when we are home I play catch up. Cleaning house, bills, laundry. Oh God, all the laundry. It’s never done.

Anyway. This little baby of mine is no longer a baby at all. She’s a threenager. Officially. Attitude central. 
This girl is all about “long hair” and has me fix it multiple ways a day. Brushing. Braids. So happy it took her 3 whole years to grow it all. Haha. 

Some of her favorite things include:
-Princess’s. (Mostly frozen at the moment.)
-Minions. The kid loves them. She speaks their language, and watches the movie 4,000 a day. And the fart gun. Yeah, we have that now. Thanks Auntie Shy. 🙂
-Food. She eats constantly and lately hasn’t stopped grazing all day. She’s turned a little picky and has started spitting stuff out, which has never been an issue. But she’s a threenager so it’s about time for some fights with food. 
-dresses, shoes, tutus. She’s a tomboy gone princess. She ruins at least one outfit a week by crawling around on the playground or smearing chocolate on her face. 
-playing dead. She’s good at it. 
-washing her hair. Forever. 
-doing tricks on the trampoline.
-dancing like a ballerina.
-washing her hands and making a mess at the same time. 
-Vaseline (basoline). She loves applying this to her face even though her lips/face aren’t  chapped anymore.
 -being a kitty and scratching the crap out of you. 
-dipping anything in ketchup. 
-being naked. Still. All the time. 
-fake tattoos. And lots of them.
-running around the house like a crazy person. 
Those are just the small few I can think of off the top of my head. I’m sure there is more, but let’s just move on. Her birthday this year was small but big. We were going to have it somewhere, because let’s face it a million people in my tiny house stresses me out. But, we got her a  nice wooden swingset and a trampoline. 
So, we had everyone over to our little home and had people wait outside and surprise her. Her face when seeing the swingset and trampoline made it worth it all. And still each morning she wakes up and asks to go and jump, So total score. 
I decorated our kitchen Frozen themed. Which was a complete pain (eveything is sold out and they haven’t even created everything party wise for birthdays.) Brandon and I put our creative minds together and came up with it all. (It looked better in person, I swear.)
We had pizza, cake, bahama bucks and lots of ice cream. The day ended up being beautiful so everyone sat outside and enjoyed. 
She loved every minute of it, and during opening presents she kept asking if they were hers. 🙂

The only thing I would change is um, never getting the damn cake a Walmart. I swear I looked at it and Brandon too. No one noticed. Everyone ate it and then when I went back to look at pictures that night, I saw it. And cried. Then laughed. Because well, that’s life. And that’s Walmart.

So there you have it, my completely miserably failed “Frozen” birthday party. I bought blue jello and forgot to even offer it. I was overwhelmed, but its still funny to look at. Plus it makes memories and thats what birthdays are about anyway, right? And, I can totally add it to that blog, “Pintrest fails” where they say, “NAILED IT.” and it looks like complete shit. 🙂
Happy birthday my love, you’re growing too fast. 
Xoxo, Mama.


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