Time is so cruel. So cruel. Lately I’ve been looking back at old videos of Lillian. Old photos of Brandon and I. Just the past. 

It’s insane how fast it all goes. When you’re in the midst of it all, it seems to drag. Looking back even the most difficult of times were precious. 
I seem to have forgotten all the sleepless nights I had with a newborn. Especially a newborn with colic. I remember certain nights like no other. The smell and darkness of the room. Even down to what blanket I had her swaddled in. But for the most part it’s just all a blur. 
Lillian’s imagination has gotten so big. Her vocabulary is expanding- even more than I ever thought it could. Her hair is past her shoulders. More freckles grow on her face daily. 
I cannot believe the things she puts together in her mind and spits out. She’s not baby anymore. She’s suddenly too big. It went to fast. 
Tonight while rocking her to sleep, (Because yes I still rock my 3 year old. She won’t let me do it much longer.) she told me she loved me to the stars in the sky. She told me she was a baby robin with a red belly and can fly high to as much as she loves me. 
It’s things like that I want to freeze in my brain and remember. 
Always and forever. 


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