15 Facts about Lillian Rose:

We’ve been super sick lately. Strep, tummy bug, cold.. You name it we’ve had it all in the past two weeks on and off. So, while I was driving lilly to the doctor for the millionth time it felt like, I couldn’t help but smile as she sang along to my lorde cd. What three year old likes pop culture music? Mine. She knows the whole cd (my doing) but still. How awesome is that? I decided to write some other things that are amazingly hilarious about her at this stage in life. 

Lillian Rose / age 3.5 :

1.) she enjoys writing. (Like her mama.) she makes me give here practice letters and enjoys writing random letters on paper everywhere. 
2.) she requests “royals” by lorde every morning on the way to school. She calls it the “wedding ring song.” 
3.) the child is obsessed with fruit.
4.) her hocus pocus fascination has turned so obsessive this year that she’s got the entire movie memorized. Including the spells & songs. And I find that totally badass. 
5.) bribrey for being good at school is getting to go to the halloween store to look at the scary stuff. 
6.) she loves school and cries when it’s time to leave .
7.) she is into everything unicorns and mermaids. 
8.) Justin time is her ultimate show right now. It’s actually less annoying than a lot of others.. And she acts out the episodes and it’s adorable. 
9.) she likes to make my classroom of elematey kids laugh. It’s what she lives for and I find it cool that she feels cool. 
10.) she’s really into God, Jesus & heaven right now. She wants to know why Jesus is a boy because only girls have long hair. And why can’t he be down here with her. And also, she thinks fairies are angels. (Wing confusion i guess) 
11.) if she could fit her whole room into a purse she would. (Another trait from me I suppose.) 
12.) don’t ever play a game with her cause if she doesn’t win she turns into a real jerk. 
13.) to my surprise the other day she asked me how she got in my belly as a baby. I told her daddy gave me a big huge and she was an egg that grew into a baby. She took that as me saying that “she cut a hole in my belly button and crawled through like a chicken and laid and egg and then turned into a baby.” So, ok. 
14.) give the kid a spray bottle and rag and she will clean your baseboards willingly. 
15.) we recently visited the library again, and she’s now obsessed with reading me books (after I read them to her first.) she gets really close to what the story tells word for word and its damn adorable. 

I probably have a thousand more, but I’m tired of typing on my phone. And can’t think anymore. I can’t wait to look back on this even a couple of months from now and see what has changed about her. This one… She’s a crazy one. But def a keeper. 


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