Realizing how big.

Today after Lillian stayed the night with my parents, Brandon and I came to get her and have dinner. A weird thing happened, I picked her up and was loving on her as usual and it hit me. She seemed so grown up. Not her normal 3.5 year old self. Like, Just bigger. Her hair is getting long, so maybe it’s the shape it’s taking around her face? Either way, picking her up I felt like picking up a kid. Not my baby. An actual independent kid. 

It honestly made me really sad. I miss her baby chub. She can get her own tooth brush ready. Get herself dressed for school. She can get her own snacks and water throughout the day. I feel like I’m not needed as much- and while that’s easier, it’s a milestone we’ve hit that she’s an independent girl for the most part. 
Welcome kid. 
You wild, wild kid. 


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