Being four.

So far, Lillian being four has been about the same as her being three. Granted she’s a little more moody. And independent. She cries when sticky, but this past week she will just tell me she’s sticky and say she didn’t cry because she’s four. So that’s cool.

Her party was a hit. I was going to have it somewhere, but for the same price I could have it at my moms, and rent a bouncy house for 6+ hours instead of an hour of playing and 30 minute cake time. No rushing. No pressure. 
I literally got zero pictures because she was running wild. Zero. This made me sad, but I’ve got those mental images of her jumping in her Sleeping Beauty dress, in a giant dragon bouncy house. I had about two Pinterest fails- which is to be expected. 
All in all, she had a blast. And got way too much stuff. We are now set in Lego Duplos for life. 
So here is a collage of Lillian wearing her Sleeping Beauty dresses thoughout her four years of 
Iife. 😭
(Age 4) 
(Age 3)
(Age 2)

(Age 1.5) 

Along with being four comes with shots… I completely didn’t tell her on purpose so she would have a good time being weighed and & everyone telling her how big she is. She was happily sucking her sucker and then bam. She screamed of course… But stopped quickly. I cried. I forgot how sad it is during shot time… She hasn’t gotten them in almost two years. Getting her finger pricked was easy after that. She just watched.. 
I purposely saved one of her birthday gift cards for this day. So afterward we went to her favorite store (Barnes and noble) and she spent it on an adorable board game that we’ve successfully played over 100 times. 
I’m enjoying and hoping that this fantastic fours are real. I can’t believe I have an actual child that is four. FOUR. 

(she loved taking donuts to her class and having everyone sing her happy birthday. Most special little day for her.) 


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