Life lately.

I felt like I needed to update this little blog a little. 

I was talking with my mom about something cute Lillian did the other day, and she asked if I was writing this in her baby book. Oops. I haven’t written in that  … Ever. Since she was like 1 month.  But. I have ALWAYS written everything about everything with her on this blog. I can totally just send her this link for graduation. So, I’m going to add a couple of things I want to remember my four year old doing. 

Lillian will not watch tv. The only thing she randomly will sit for 10 minutes and watch is something stupid like calliou. It’s annoying, but for me to do half of the dishes, it’s worth it. 

She can now climb the fridge, get her own milk, pour it, and put it back. Success is mine! 

She calls dandelions “Daniel tigers.”””
She still says “lasterday for yesterday” and “sidewards for backwards.”

She loves anything catchy on the radio. (My fault) uptown funk you up is her favorite jam. She’s awesome. 
She throws less “fits” but is very dramatic when she’s in trouble or is embarrassed. 
She even pulls the, “walk around and sit down with my knees up and cry on them” bit. She’s a natural for drama. 

She’s totally on a hot dog kick, which she used to hate. But she only likes the wieners, not the bread. 

Her collection of “beanie boos” is annoyingly large. And they are scattered throughout my house. Constantly staring at me. 

She has thing obsession with babies, and had a creepy baby doll she calls “big baby.” They walk around doing the annoying baby talk all day. That’s a phase im honestly ready to go. The baby talk. Has. Got. To. Stop. 
(Don’t judge me on being mean, it’s seriously annoying.) 

seriously, she will scream bloody murder if a little drop gets on her. Which is weird, since she loves to swim. But, we change clothes at least twice a day or more. -_- 

Her drawing and handwriting is so on point it’s amazing! She draws old ladies, and creatures with butterfly wings, she writes people’s names after us showing her how just one time. It’s so amazing. She’s completely out of the baby phase and toddler phase. 
She’s an actual kid. 

 She’s a kid terrified all of a sudden by bugs. Which is weird, she’s always loved them. But lately, they terrify her. We are working on loving and holding them. 

This makes me so sad, but so happy that she is finding out who she is and so independent. 

There are probably so many other things I could write, but she refused to sleep in her bed last night so I need all the coffee before I lose my sanity on a Sunday. 

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