Let’s play catch-up. (Ketchup)

I am so bad at writing in this blog. I guess working and having a family will do that. Here’s some catch up in photos over our entire summer. Oops. 

Self explanatory. We spent 90% of our days at the pool. She taught herself how to swim! 

We went to the beach. We rode on a boat and watch doplohins. Little Bebe fell asleep on said boat. 

The beach meets lillian. Worth the 10 hour drive. 

Favorite part of summer, new baby ink. 

Best profile.

Best mermaid. 

and then! The first day of school for my baby! Pre-k! Never, have I ever met a child that loves school as much as this girl right here. All she does is write names, write books, write everything. She currently wants to be an artist when she grows up, and I’m totally fine with that. 

Feeding the neighborhood cat every evening, named “spooks.” 

Our anniversary fell on Fourth Friday. So it’s true love. 

It’s fall so of course she wears a witch hat 24/7. (And we make delicious cookies and pumpkin bread.) 

Everyday we park at the field behind her school and look for he prairie dog she named, “Scotts”… On this day we found him and there was a rainbow! Naturally she had to pose like a teenager. 

Always with the witchy way. 
We’ve got our Halloween decorations up, I’ve got all of my fall scents (candles and scentys out.) it’s my favorite time of the year! Harry Potter and Hocus Pocus are on repeat and the air has gotten a little more crisp. (As crisp as it gets in west Texas, y’all.) it’s even been raining on and off so it seems more fall-like! 
Pumpkin patches and apple orchards are in our future. Yay. 

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