The witches brew!

So, we’ve been brewing something since our wonderful beach trip…

Another baby! Finally! 
Brandons feet ruined this cute beach announcements. 😂

After 8 months of trying, I got my little miracle baby and found out at the beach. I thought the 10 hour drive was making me sick (I get horribly car sick, even in town.) but turns out, it was little Bebe. 
I’m 13, almost 14 weeks with this amazing creature inside me. I’m showing already, and have been for a while. I feel bloated, tired, on and off sick, and nervously excited. And moody. More than normal. So moody. 
Im scared of a few things…I’m terrified of giving birth again. (C-section again) and I’m terrified of getting ppd again as well. How will I balance my hyper 4 year old with a newborn? What if it’s another colicky newborn? So many questions and fears. But excitement overcomes them… I’ve always wanted this baby. 

Our windy, attempt at a picture. 
This big sister has been wanting a baby sibling for a while! She’s so excited. 
Here’s little Bebe at 8 weeks.. 

I’ve already had a couple of concerns with this pregnancy, but i mean it wouldn’t be ours if it didn’t cause some mischief.. But, everything is looking well so far (knocking on all the wood!!) and I’m hoping I won’t have to be on bedrest again.. Crazy enough I was already on it with Lillian before this stage! Continually praying for healthy everything the next 6 months. 

// that’s it. It’s it. And look, I blogged two weekends in a row! I’m sure with this new babe coming, I’ll be blogging a ton more. 


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