October shenanigans.

This month (October) went by super quick. My birthday, doctors appt & Halloween Made it go by super quick. That and working, trying to keep the house semi- livable and just not being on bed rest this time around has really made this pregnancy go by. 
My bump @ 16 weeks is way more popped than with Lillian. Oops. 
I’ve been having early contractions that have been sorta painful.. I dilated early with the first, so we had to go in and make sure it wasn’t happening again. AND, thankfully so far so good and still closed. I’m so happy I’ve had this pregnancy so far off bed rest, if I do end up going on again, I’ve at least been up and mobile way more than I ever could be with Lillian. We go in two weeks to check again, hopefully things are still closed. And guess what, it’s a girl! Again! We couldn’t get a good shot, she was backwards, upside down , and wouldn’t be still for a single picture, but the sonogram tech said she was 95% it’s a she! (We will double check for that in two weeks as well, lol) 

Look at that adorable baby upside down butt. 
Here’s some random pictures for everyone. 

And so, another daddy’s girl will be in our forture. 

The bump and I re-reading Harry Potter since I’ve been obsessed again. Everything HP is all I’m asking for for Christmas. Take note. 

My sweet princess bubblegum at her gymnastics fall festival. Be still my heart.

Halloween. A family that adventures together stays together. 

A snapchat of how Halloween ended. Perfectly cute. 
/ I had my usual mustache birthday party. I made it low key with just cake. I’m too tired for festivities that require cooking and cleaning. But oh my god my family is adorable. 

 And so, I have totally updated my blog way more. This  was when I was exactly the same amount of pregnant at the same time 5 years ago post. Bless my poor pathetic bedrest heart. 
(((( hey, hey mama wolf!: Bedrest Birthday.. http://pegapallo.blogspot.com/2010/10/bedrest-birthday.html?spref=tw.  ))))

My almost 19 week belly, being super kicked HARD only at nights between the hours of 9:30pm-4:00am…. 
Xoxo my sweet baby bear. 

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