Sharing space.

 So, people have been asking if we’ve gotten our spare bedroom ready for the baby, which I find crazy. I’m 20 weeks! Friday we will double check if she is still a she, and all is well, but my god, I’m only half done cooking her. 

With Lillian, I was on bedrest the entire pregnancy, and Brandon was still in school in Austin. We didn’t have time to really get her a nursery ready. Finally, the last month or so, I gathered all her things from my baby shower, set up her crib, clothes and changing table. Annnnnd, never set foot in there again. (With the exception of grabbing diapers and clothes.) 
She slept next to me in her bassinet until she was 5 months and hanging out of the thing. We then put her crib in our bedroom because I didn’t like her being on opposites sides of the house so little, even with a monitor. 
So with this one, I know what I’ll need, especially in those first early months. 
-We will put her bassinet next to my side of the bed. Homegirl will be up every hour, why go to a different by room 12 times a night? 
– I don’t need a changing table, I change baby wherever I’m at. 
-there is no need for a nursery just yet, she will be in our room for pretty much her first year. I’m clingy like that. I’m also lazy, and knowing from the last kid- they don’t sleep through the night until they are like 2. So what’s the rush? 
-there no need for a giant fancy baby swing. I hold them. If i do set them down to poo alone (which I held Lilly, I refuse to with this one. 😂) a bouncer is just fine. I can also move it wherever I need it. 
I’m sure as soon as she gets here I’ll have a panic attack and not really know what to do. It has been almost 5 years. But for now, we’re living simply. Frugally. Our house is small, but it’s capable for more love and mess. 
So, Brandon will get to keep his game room for a bit longer, until we figure out with to do with all of his “toys” and finally move baby in. 
It’s also crossed my mind that my sister and I shared a room for a younger part of our lives. We slept together. Played together. Lillian and new baby might prefer that? I know from experience everyone sleeps better with someone next to them. So.. Who knows? I’ve still got a good couple of months to decide on a lot, and a good couple of years to decide on everything else. 
It’ll all come into play I sure. Routine sets itself usually. (I hope) 
Here’s some random pictures from the past couple of weeks:

19 week chub.


Um, omfg. Her school pictures killed it. 

I’ve decided I’m going to document my bump growing by Harry Potter books. 

We decorated for Christmas this weekend. We are those people. 

We also beat the crowds and saw Santa! I’m sure we will be seeing him alot before   Christmas.  


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