20 week scan and actual family photos.

For the first time ever, we took family photos. First Off, let me explain. I’m a very modest, insecure person. I don’t like to have my picture taken- ever. I feel ugly, fat, you know, normal woman-y complaints. Brandons the same way, he says he looks weird (?) and well, Lillian is my main target for pictures. Why would she not be? She’s freaking cute as hell. 
Anyway, that’s pretty much one of the main reasons we’ve never done pictures. Second, they are expensive. Yes, they are forever but I refuse. REFUSE to spend that much money on that. I majored (almost graduated) photo journalism, and well, I took photo classes and loved it. If I could take my own- I would. But I can’t. I don’t like other people’s ideas. I’m very controlling and weird. 
But mainly it’s the money issue and my body image of myself. (Which I need to get over.) 
So, I decided for our Christmas cards this year we were doing it. Taking family photos. I did all my simple ideas. I wanted it to take 30 minutes tops. Not feel weird and stressful. I just told my sister where to snap and made her take them. (Easy, and freeeeee.)
We got a good couple- I’m completely happy with that. I don’t want thousands. Just documentation that we are together at the same time. 😂 
I never got to do pretty pictures when I was pregnant with Lillian. Bedrest killed it.  (And Brandon and I living in different cities for half of it.) So far, this pregnancy has been smooth sailing- and I am so eternally grateful for it! I get to walk around and be pregnant! It’s awesome! I just cannot wait to meet my newest baby girl. 

This trouble causing baby showed me motherhood. I would do everything we’ve done over in a heartbeat. She makes my life hectic, beautiful, and raw. She was my first love. 

The fam-bam. She wouldn’t be still. (Nothing new there) and Brandon was blinking in over 80% of all pictures. Hence why i never paid someone to do this. 
Awkward stances below: Brandon hated the blanket idea. 

So he pretended lilly was a bull. See- they would’ve charged me extra to do this crap.
I also finally got my kid to be still…
(Thanks shy) 
Fast forward to today, I got my detailed anatomy scan of baby girl. She is still a she! And very healthy!! She of course, was curled up in a little ball and being extremely shy. Hands up by her face, just like her sister always did. Also, she’s measuring bigger (just like Lilly.) She’s just so incredibly cute I can’t stand it. I can’t wait to meet this face, and squeeze and kiss it! 
(Lillian’s 20 week on the left, baby on the right, I feel like they look pretty similar.) 

Curled up. 

She has the most absolute sweetest face ever. I can’t wait to hold and smell her! 

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